Cinder-WebSocketPP error with current cinder/master

I’m trying to get ciSpacebrew working but i’m running into an issue with Cinder-WebSocketPP.

I cloned the latest cinder version (master branch) as well as the latest Cinder-WebSocketPP ( from github.
I’m getting following compiling error:
cinder_master/blocks/Cinder-WebSocketPP/src/websocketpp/transport/asio/connection.hpp:442:24: No matching function for call to ‘make_shared’

I’m getting this error in my project as well as in both samples that come with the block.

Cinder-WebSocketPP block works perfectly with the cinder/release_v0.9.0 branch.
Any hints on what changed that would break that block?

Are you compiling with c++ 11 enabled?

This might be a naive answer but std::make_shared was introduced in c++ 11 so that would be something to check first.

Yes, compiling with c++ 11.
(I think cinder 0.9 wouldn’t compile without it at all.)

Actually just make sure these are defined


It looks like they are all already defined in WebSocketConnection.h

I’m still getting the same error.
Does the block work for you @ryanbartley?

The problem is with boost. It looks like it’s made to use boost, take out the…


and add above all of it add…


Unfortunately that doesn’t fix it either.
Still throws the same error.
(At least on my computer. Does that def work for you @ryanbartley?)

I’ll pull it down today and figure out what’s going on. Sorry you’re having so much trouble.

Another data point that might be helpful - I’m not using ciSpacebrew, but I am using Cinder-WebSocketPP and cinder master branch in a current project on OS X + Windows without trouble.


  • I’m not 100% updated on cinder; the last commit I have is from Dec 10th, 2016
  • This project is 32-bit only
  • I brought the Cinder-WebSocketPP library into the project late, so didn’t use the Tinderbox template, but manually added the files in XCode and the User Header Search Paths ("$(CINDER_PATH)/include/asio" and ../blocks/Cinder-WebSocketPP/src). Same with Visual Studio.

He solution is actually quite simple. All credits to @ryanbartley who figured it out:

The version of websocketpp that Cinder-WebSocketPP ships with is too old.
Just switch it out to the latest master from and all works again.


Made a pull request with all changes required, based on this discussion. tested on OS X and Windows.