Cinder-Cardboard: initial release

Hi all,

I have ported Google’s VR viewer to Cinder.
Please take a look here: Cinder-Cardboard

It is at its very early stage but it lets you easily port your existing iOS apps for Google Cardboard. (I’m not familiar with Android part, though I think if someone could help me with the gyro sensor part the distortion part is already there).

The block supports 2 methods of rendering: vertex distortion and fragment distortion. ustwo has a very good reading on this:

I tried to align it with Cinder-VR, but with the vertex distortion too, I don’t see an easy way to fit in with the current setup of Cinder-VR (and including the motion part I think it is still a little bit different than how Cinder-VR is structured). I would definitely want to merge this one with Cinder-VR, but would need more help.



Awesome, looking forward to trying it out.

Super super awesome!!!

That’s great! And the post by ustwo is definitely a very recommended read.