Interest in (or existing work on) an OpenXR block?

Hi there, I was just wondering if anyone has worked on integratingOpenXR with Cinder, rather than the “legacy” OpenVR and Oculus SDKs? I’ve been using the long-idle Cinder-VR project until now (with a few local updates to use more recent versions of the OpenVR libraries). I suggested some updates/fixes to it a few (five…) years ago but was told new changes were imminent so I didn’t submit them.

Just curious if there is any interest in the area of OpenXR (e.g. a Cinder Block); if so, I’d be willing to help with development and testing.


Hi, I didn’t like Cinder-VR so much, so I have written my own cinder-vr here.

It uses OpenVR for now, but if anyone wants to write something new, you might have a look at my design first. On my last project, it took me about 10 minutes and 15 lines of code to add VR on a totally non-VR project.


Thanks @godefv for sharing that; it’s interesting to see how you decided to do things, and keep things simple for users.

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