Cinder-SdfText: Initial Release (WIP)


@gabor_papp I made some updates to Cinder-SdfText to address this measureString issues. Please see the issue your filed on GitHub.



Thanks Hai! It works nicely. measureStringRect is a useful addition. Thanks!


I am trying to set a color for each run in a gl::SdfTextMesh. Is that possible?

in function… void SdfTextMesh::draw( bool premultiply, float gamma )
the line… shader->uniform( "uFgColor", gl::context()->getCurrentColor() );

seems to use the current color in the context but it would be great if runs stored their color and it used that.

At the moment I combine all my text into one gl::SdfTextMesh using appendText for each unique block of text. So that I can then render all my text in one draw call. I can even set a different font for each run but not a color.

Sorry to revive an old thread (if thats forum etiquette here)