Cinder-Sparks ( tinderbox cli )

Hi all,

I wrote a command line tool that generates cmake based projects. It simply copies the tinderbox template files and creates a CMakeLists.txt with the correct cinderPath and project name.


As far as I know the current way easiest way if you want to do something with cmake is to copy the BasicApp in the samples, rename everything, set the correct paths, check if it’s correct…. Doing that every time is a pain when you just want to jump start a project.

To use it:

  1. set the default cinder path in the config.json
  2. run ./Sparks --name "MyCinderProject" --dest "/project/destination/folder"
  3. you should see a volcano emoji :volcano: if everything succeeds 
  4. and the resulting folder with the usual cinder folder structure should be created.

Some notes:

  1. ./Sparks --name "MyCinderProject" --dest "/project/destination/folder" —standalone True
    Creates a ProjectFolder with a “lib” folder where you can put a standalone version of cinder inside, it’s useful for clients projects

  2. I left the project CMakeLists.txt in the root folder, I was surprised that using thecpptools andcmake tools from visual studio code worked out of the box ( auto complete, breakpoints ). I guess that’s a nice alternative to xcode and visual studio

  3. this is of a “toy” project to learn golang, I haven’t done any extreme testing, so be nice =D



Is there a link for this :slight_smile: ??


edited the post and added a link to the repo! thanks!