Cinder Warp Edges Positioning

Hello and good day.

I’ve been trying to manually position the edges of the warp cinder block ( and I’m not able still don’t understand why.
Something like a square position in the middle of the screen. I can see size virtual functions but not pos.

Thanks in advance and thanks for this great addon

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If it’s precise coordinates you’d like to use, I would suggest exporting the warp to a settings file (see example) and then changing the coordinates in that file.


Thank you very much for the answer Paul and lithium, I used the xml it works perfectly.

There is just one issue. The “reset” the warp method puts it 0,0 with the default original image proportions, not respecting the xml :confused:
Is there any straightforward way to do this? Not messing with the lib too much!

I am rebuilding an old software of mine and using this package mainly.
Thanks again for this.