Cinder and Visual Studio 2022

Hey 'Embers,

Has anyone had any experience compiling and running Cinder projects using Visual Studio 2022? If so, how did it go?


Just built cinder 0.9.2 under VS 2022. The only change that was required was the same as in VS 2019:
In “include\cinder\Filesystem.h” comment this out:

#include <filesystem>

And replace it with:

#include <experimental/filesystem>

When I build my cinder-using project with VS 2022 I’ll let you know.

I’m still stuck in Visual Studio 2017 because I use the Websockets Cinder block which relies on boost…

I guess since libcinder 0.9.3 is ditching boost, the block will have to be re-written at some point regardless…?

Right, I tryed without success.

I didn’t use that block, but got a fork of working that is boos free here and works with new versions of cinder. - actually I think for the last project we upgraded to the latest websocketpp version and used the ASIO_STANDALONE flag.

Haven’t tried VS 2022, but looking forward to it… curious if anyone gets the new live hotloading feature working.