Circular Bells — an iOS music toy

(from the old forum) I’ve released my first Cinder-based music toy a couple of weeks ago – and I couldn’t share it earlier due to being away from home and locked out of my account due to two-factor authentication, but I digress.

Here it is: Circular Bells, for iPad and iPhone!

The app in itself is pretty simple, but it comes from a long three-years stint (aka, my PhD) in which I studied music education apps, and learned the value of keeping them super-simple. I imagine the app can be used in itself to just play around, but can also be used by kids and parents together – there’s an argument that says that, being exposed to certain patterns, make you sensitised to them, hence the somewhat “limited” scales should pass on the notion of “notes that sound right”. Lots of retrospective stuffing, here :slight_smile:

Anyway, the app is also a way of putting myself out there, showing the world that I exist and can actually do stuff, so if you could spread the word, it be very much appreciated.

I wrote a post to shed some light on how I made it (not very technical, though)

and then the whole thing crashed on me pretty badly, so I wrote a second post with a bit of post-mortem, if you are interested. (link in the Medium post as I can’t get past the 2 links limitation for new users)