RFC: GStreamer video player

Hey All,

I wanted to bring to your attention some work I have been doing on the GStreamer video player which you can find in this PR . There has been some major cleanup / refactoring from the initial implementation that currently lives in the android_linux branch plus initial support for running the player on OS X besides Linux.

This has been tested on Xubuntu 16.04 ( native Desktop with NVidia hardware + on OS X VMmare host ), RPi2, RPi3, NVidia TK1 and OS X El Capitan 10.11.2.

Each platform/device has its own idiosyncrasies which can be a complete pain but I ve tried my best to handle this situation in a graceful way. One major difference is the different Gstreamer available versions in the different platforms and devices. Just as an indicator *Ubuntu 16.04 ships with 1.8.2, the RPi2 ships with 1.4.4 and on the TK1 a custom version of a 1.4.* variant…

Developments in GStreamer upstream are pretty rapid and for best results 1.8.2 ( default for Xenial ) is the minimum . For Linux devices / distros that are far behind or just for testing the latest versions of GStreamer I have created a script that will do all the work for you in terms of installing the latest versions of GStreamer and its components which believe me can be a terrifying experience!

For OS X the situation is simpler since there are packages prepared . ( instructions you can find in the PR )

It would be great if anyone would like to try out this work and provide feedback ! Also thanks to @patrick_fuerst for testing this work extensively on RPi3 and providing feedback and suggestions!


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