Setting up Cinder with Visual Studio 2015

Hey there!

I’m new to Cinder and c++.
I really want to get started but I can’t even get VS to run the examples.
Can anyone give me some guidance?

I would aprecitate sugestions of some really basic tutorials. (if I can get it to to work… =(

Thanks in advance

Hi Gui,

Could you please tell us what errors you are getting, when you try to compile a sample project of your choice? You might find this useful:


Hi balachandran_c!

I’m getting this:

I tried VS 2015 and 2017.

I can’t get my head arround the concept of importing library paths or somehting.


Can you post the compilation errors?


I am guessing you are building your project with v140/v141 toolsets, but haven’t compiled cinder with the same toolset. Please compile cinder library using the same toolset first.

Ok! tried to open Cinder.

this happened

is this ok?

Clicked “OK”

It’s working!

Starting the tutorial now.

Thanks balachandran_c for getting me setup!