How to make a HTTPS POST request


What branch are you running this from? Should be using UpdateBlock.


Hmm. Looks like that’s still there. I’ll push a fix to the UpdateBlock branch.


I was working from Master as I’m trying to add to an existing proj as I wanted to get around using cmake


There is likely a more eloquent fix but to get this working with the v120 toolset a while back I ended up implementing this hack:

I then had to include that file in Cinder-HTTP where I was getting errors.


Thanks @nay, I’ll give this a try - I spoke to @ryanbartley and he’s looking into it. I think he’ll be merging all his changes to the master branch some time soon.


Trying to revive my efforts to use the UpdateBlock from Cinder-HTTP.

After using @nay’s workaround, it’s now throwing the following error:

Error 1 error C2664: 'size_t asio::basic_waitable_timer<std::chrono::high_resolution_clock,asio::wait_traits<Clock>,asio::waitable_timer_service<Clock,WaitTraits>>::expires_from_now(const std::chrono::duration<std::chrono::system_clock::rep,std::chrono::system_clock::period> &,asio::error_code &)' : cannot convert argument 1 from 'std::chrono::nanoseconds' to 'const std::chrono::duration<std::chrono::system_clock::rep,std::chrono::system_clock::period> &' C:\Users\Balance\Desktop\cinder_0.9.1_vc2013\cinder_0.9.1_vc2013\blocks\Cinder-HTTP\src\cinder\http\http.hpp 157 1 Post

Anyone else run into this on MSW 10 VC2013?


Just a note that the fork I linked with the workaround is from master not UpdateBlock. I have been using this fine with VC2013 although don’t use it for more recent VC2015 projects. Don’t suppose master will suffice for your VC2013 project?