Identical frames when using Xsplit to capture Cinder app (and a side of self-promotion)

Hey Embers,

I have a question that’s admittedly only tangentially connected to Cinder. I’ve created a near-final demo for my on-going hobby project, visible here:

When watching it, the fact that the moving text lags makes my right eye twitch. Although I initially thought it was some internal timing issue, a frame-by-frame step through in VLC highlights that on occasion, several identical frames are present. I.e. 2-3 frames in the video will have the exact same visual contents.

So I ask if anyone else has any experience capturing footage from cinder-based applications with Xsplit or other similar live recording applications?


As expected, it would appear to be more of a ‘Capture Software’ issue, than a Libcinder issue. I changed the ‘Video encoding codec’ from x264, to NVENC h.264 and this significantly reduced the issues I was seeing.

It’s a bit of a surprise to me that Xsplit doesn’t simply default to a hardware accelerated available codec, if available. I’d speculate that it’s to do with most people streaming games, which taxes the GPU, but as I understand it, the CPU isn’t exactly a non-bottleneck either, so… Who knows…