Moving to vs2019

I work at a company ( that uses cinder pretty heavily. We would really like to update and modernize our workflow to vs2019. It would be really helpful to have a release of cinder that works vs2019 and c++17. So my question is what is in the way of such a release and how can I help?

Hi - do you specifically require a dot release? The current GitHub master branch is already against VS 2019 / C++17 (on Windows - C++14 elsewhere).


Thanks for replying! What we need is a good reference point for documentation and to help with recreating projects later. A dot release would be nicest, but I’m open to other suggestions. What I want to avoid is relying on the master branch and whereever it may be at the time and getting differences when doing maintainace because we have the latest from master but the deployed project doesn’t. or between devs or other possible issues I might not think of.


to avoid versioning issues, I usually have Cinder as a submodule of my Git repository. That way, all developers can and will use the correct version by simply updating the submodules after a pull. Also consider forking Cinder to your own GitHub account and use that as a submodule. That way, you can make changes to Cinder, push them to your own fork, then check it out in your project repository and push.

I hope all of that made sense.


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Thanks Paul. I’ll look into the submodule suggestion. The Idea of forking Cinder seems like the most viable even if we don’t use a submodule.

Thanks again.