Anyone tried building LibCinder using Visual Studio 2022 and associated toolkit?

Got a notice in vs2019 that they’re ending support so I was thinking time to move on and wouldn’t mind to hear if anyone else pioneered the field?

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I wish I could move to vs2022, I’m still stuck in vs2017

For a while now, I’ve been using Cinder with VS2022 (and the Visual Studio 2022 platform toolset, aka MSVC v143), and the Windows 10 SDK (version 10.0.19041.0, which was “latest” when I installed it – I’ve not yet tried switching to the Windows 11 SDK, although I am running Windows 11). I’m building Cinder with the C++17 language standard (haven’t tried /std:c++20).

It all seems to work fine for me.

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I am still stuck in VS 2017. Thinking of an upgrade though!