Purpose of cinder::math

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Recently I came across the cinder::math class and realized, that it’s functions mostly just forward the arguments to the respective c standard library functions. Now I was wondering if there is any advantage of using the cinder::math class instead of the c++ standard library math functions, that already have overloads for different floating point (and in some cases integer) types.

So in summary:
What is the purpose/advantage of cinder::math / when should it be used instead of the standard math functions?

Related discussion from the old forum https://forum.libcinder.org/topic/advantage-of-math-float-sin-etc.

Thank you for the link.
I probably should clarify that I was referring to the c++ functions (that have an overload for float, double, long double, Integral and even complex) and not the c functions (like sin and sinf) which are currently used.


while I can’t tell you the ideas behind the (design of the) math namespace, I’d like to point out that they should be largely regarded as “replaced” by the GLM library.