Using ci::Fonts with cinder ImGui 0.9.3

Hi All.

Now that Imgui is being integrated fully into cinder would it be possible to use ci::Font objects directly to add new fonts? The old block supported this using an fs:path for the font which was fine for macos but broke if you tried to include a font in resources on Windows (as windows font resources dont have paths as far as I can see).

Imgui can be completely transformed when using the non standard font and I used it often with the old block. The new integrated imgui renderer implementation is a little out of my depth, how difficult do people think it be to be able to add proper ci::Font support to the inbuilt imgui implementation?

Or any examples or pointers to get me started would be appreciated.

Do you need the ci::Font? I think there are examples on how to load custom fonts with the opengl imgui wrappers and freetype, which seems like a better way to go to me since things will look the same across all platforms. It’s also the direction cinder itself is headed in (ditching the platform specific ci::Font impls for Freetype).


Thanks Rich.

I dont really need ci::Font at all, that has just been my main gateway to using fonts before. Will try to find some examples of using freetype + cinder / imgui.