Show Cinder: PlanMixPlay - User Interface

Hey 'Embers,

Thanks to the overwhelming response on my previous video (read ~0 response), I thought I’d share a new video showcasing PlanMixPlay’s user interface! For the record, I’m not actually disheartened by the lacking response to the previous video - we’ve all got shit to do, places to be. :slight_smile:

Just in case someone wanted to see how to control PlanMixPlay, here’s a video detailing just that:

Oh and before I forget - PlanMixPlay is also available for download now at if anyone wants to give it a spin!



Looking nice! Sequencer features are really shaping up. I do like the glowy pixelated spectrogram flyover thingy.


Thanks @rich.e! I really appreciate the positive feedback. It wouldn’t have come along this far without so much excellent help from the cinder forum, as well as the cinder library itself. Truly, a masterful piece of work.

The NeonGrid is by far the most polished visual. Now that most of the back-end is in place, I am hoping to get some more compelling visuals finished, although the general GUI could definitely also use a kind hand.


nice, I like it! it runs on Android?

Thanks @brucelane - Glad you like it.

It only runs on Windows currently. Most of the code is cross platform, but relatively un-optimized, so I’d worry that PMP might struggle on more resource constrained devices running Android.

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