Simple question on ScopedTextureBind with drawSolidRect

Hello all,
I’m sorry for this obviously remedial question, but I’ve been having problems binding a texture to use with drawSolidRect(). I know I"m missing something completely obvious, but after hours of looking, I feel like I’m getting further from where i need to be. Here is the pertinent code:

void GLBlurTestApp::setup()
	auto fmt = gl::Fbo::Format().samples(4).attachment(GL_COLOR_ATTACHMENT0, 
	mFBO = gl::Fbo::create(FBOW, FBOH, fmt);
	blurFBO = gl::Fbo::create(FBOW, FBOH, fmt);
		mBlur = gl::GlslProg::create(gl::GlslProg::Format().vertex(loadAsset("../data/blur_vert.glsl"))
	catch (const std::exception& exc)
		console() << "SHADER FAILED 'cause: " << exc.what();

void GLBlurTestApp::draw()
	gl::clear( Color( 0, 0, 0.25 ) ); 
	gl::draw(mFBO->getColorTexture(), Rectf(0, 0, getWindowWidth() / 2, getWindowHeight() / 2));

		gl::Texture2dRef texref = mFBO->getTexture2d(GL_COLOR_ATTACHMENT0);
		gl::ScopedTextureBind tex0(texref,0);		
		//this just draws white.
		gl::drawSolidRect(Rectf(getWindowWidth() / 2, getWindowHeight() / 2, getWindowWidth(), getWindowHeight()),vec2(0,1),vec2(1,0));
		//this draws the mFBO texture
		gl::draw(texref, Rectf(getWindowWidth() / 2, 0, getWindowWidth(), getWindowHeight() / 2));

Which yields an image wherein the gl::drawSolidRect() does not render the texture, rather it simply throws up a white rect:

So: given that the texture information in mFBO clearly exists, what simple stupid thing am I overlooking?

thank you.

Hey - I believe you need to have a shader bound before drawing the rect, like:

gl::ScopedGlslProg scpGlslProg(gl::getStockShader(gl::ShaderDef().texture()));
gl::ScopedTextureBind scpTextureBind(mFbo->getColorTexture(), 0);
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thank you very much! that was it.