[Solved] Combining `geom::source` and `TriMesh`

Hey 'embers,

Just like the topic states I’m wondering if there’s any way of merging a TriMesh into a geom::source. I’ve been trying to add bevel to some 3D text which I extrude from a 2D shape. So I effectively have my extruded text in a geom::source and I’ve now created a TriMesh containing my bevel, but I yet to find a way to combine them into a single object representing all this geometry.

I know I can turn extruded text into a Batch and place the bevel in a separate Batch and deal with it that way, but I’d ideally prefer to combine the two into one Batch.

Any ideas are much appreciated!


I think there’s an operator & isn’t there? e.g

auto combined = geom::Rect() & geom::Circle();

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I’d completely overlooked that a TriMesh is derived from a geom::Source. O_o

Thanks @lithium! I much appreciate you help!