Start menu and dashboard example


I am a developer looking to build an app that incorporates a start menu (with e.g., buttons and forms similar to the start menu of most video games) and a dynamic dashboard (with e.g., a central scene and several plots summarizing information about the scene). Are there any examples that one would recommend to quickly get an idea of how a start menu or dynamic dashboard could potentially be build using Cinder.



while the Cinder framework is packed with lots of useful classes to ease development, it does not come with a 2D UI-system or Sprite class. To render a UI, you will have to come up with something yourself, usually in the form of a texture containing UI elements, combined with one or more draw calls to render buttons, check boxes, radio buttons, sliders and text. To handle user input, you’d need to quickly figure out if they clicked or touched a UI element, so you’d want some kind of scene graph for that, along with an event system.

To my knowledge, there are no Cinder samples that show you how to do all this (although the Picking sample introduces a nice technique for 3D object selection). A very basic scene graph sample can be found here, and there are Cinder blocks that might help you, see here and here.