State of Vulkan in Cinder?

Hello Embers,

I’m about to start setting up a couple new 3D graphics projects and was contemplating making the jump to Vulkan. What is the current state of Cinder Vulkan support with respect to the current state of Vulkan? What is the best path currently to set up a Cinder Vulkan project? Is it to use the Vulkan branch of the Cinder repo on Github?

Thanks much

I’m personally not aware of anyone using the cinder vulkan branch now. I view it as more of a proof of concept that was meant for vulkan launch but since then, the vulkan ecosystem has changed drastically and there are well-defined ways to not only utilize the vulkan API, but do so in a way that is similar to DX12 and metal.

I will say that there has been work towards developing a ci::app::Renderer to support these next gen graphics APIs… just nothing yet ready for showing.