When will Vulkan branch be merged into master?


I would prefer to work in the same branch on GL & VK contents.


Full Vulkan support will take some time. The GL contents in the vulkan branch however are mostly up to date with master so you should be able to work with both on that branch.


Sorry to bump up this topic, I am really really interested at making Vulkan renderer official.
I can commit to help it happen.


To me, vulkan seems like a dud altogether. Nevermind cinder’s implementation, beyond a tech demo here and there, it’s so underwhelming i can’t see opengl (with all its warts) being superseded any time soon.


Vulkan 1.1 is out with support multi-GPU , when cinder will full support?


Well with the recent nvidia announcements about raytracing and this extensions, I do see some value in using vulkan over opengl. It’ll just be a while still before it makes sense dev wise to use it in production.

I think the momentum in the vulkan branch gave way a while back and that branch has grown quite stale. It would take a serious effort to get all the changes in there on top of latest master branch, which probably can’t be done with a simple merge (since at the time the vulkan branch was actually a branch off of android_linux, and it took considerable effort to get all the conflicts resolved there. None of those conflict resolutions are in the vulkan branch).

If anyone is serious about using vulkan, I would propose stripping out or basing a new impl off of) the RendererVk class in that branch, perhaps as a cinder block like how Cinder-Metal was done. Not that we won’t eventually have vulkan support in cinder core, but this is just easier for non-core cinder devs to hack on. Also, there has been some consideration towards using one of the official vulkan C++ wrappers, rather than writing our own as we did with ci::gl. This won’t get you many things like gl::Batch or gl::VboMesh for examples, but I think it could make a nice foundation in a way where cinder devs didn’t have to maintain some of the vk codebase.