Touch Designer CPlusPlusTOP

I like Touch designer for live show and for Nodal control !
I think it can be complementary !

It is possible to integrate libcinder in a node CPlusPlusTOP in touch designer !

Can you share your experience with Touch designer + libcinder ?

What do you think about touch + libcinder ?

Cinder090TOP :

Does Cinder090TOP work or not working currently ?
If not working, why ?

Tuto with openframeworks :


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Hi, there’s an old thread with some discussion about trying to get Cinder working with TouchDesigner here:

I was never able to finish the implementation. Let me know if you figure anything out. Cheers

Feel free to dig into this old project I did for TD 77 with Cinder circa 2012/2013

I implemented Hai’s FluidFX as a CPP Top. It worked great for what I needed, but I didn’t get Graphics.cpp working because I didn’t need it at the time, but it would be awesome. I have been meaning to get around to updating it to Touch 99 and the Cinder master branch, as there’s been a few requests.

What I would really love is if Derivative opened up the SOP (Surface Operator) API so you could write a CPP SOP. I’ve pinged Marcus at Derivative about that back in the day, but I haven’t heard of plans to make the API available.

If all else fails, just use Spout.

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