QT Creator 5 + Cinder 0.9.2

Hello everyone.

I’m not very good in english but I hope you will understand me.

Have anyone already used QT Creator 5(on Windows) with Cinder(from git, version 0.9.2) ? I would like to use QT for the UI and Cinder for the drawing. I have some trouble on linking the Cinder libraries. Can you help me please for the .pro file?

Hi there,

I haven’t tried myself, but I think you’ll need to post specific errors to get any help. Also, information on platform and compilers you’re using.

If boost is involved (which is being phased out of cinder core), that’d likely cause linker errors. Who knows what else, but any of it should be manageable.


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Please supply the following information:

  • Compiler you’re using
  • Specific errors you’re seeing.
  • Which version of Qt you’re using.
  • What your target platform is

I may be able to help out with this.

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