Using LibCinder with Qt

Hey Embers,

Does anyone have experience or recommendations of having Qt and LibCinder play together? I’ve found next to no previous code or even discussion topics on here apart from this one.

My current understanding of Qt is that it must have its QWindow executing on the main GUI thread. All my use of LibCinder has simply relied on Cinder to manage the window, but if I were to introduce Qt, they somehow have to share the Window and render context, and I honestly am a little lost at where to start. All ears if someone has some pointers.

As for why even do this? I’ve been looking for a C++ based Gui library that supports multi-touch which honestly isn’t easy to find. I’ve spent a few weeks with NoesisGui and found their WPF/Xaml approach difficult to work with, so I’m revisiting the question of which library to pick for the long haul. Qt isn’t exactly glamorous but it has pretty much everything you could want out of a basic GUI, I just have no idea of how to make it play nice along side Qt since they both seem to want to own the application window.

I use libcinder extensively for it’s wonderful OpenGl rendering classes, so while I’m ok with a solution where Qt becomes the main window ‘host’ so to speak, I don’t want to entirely give up on rendering some parts using libcinder.

Thanks in advance,