Updating Cinder: Project Migration, Linker errors looking for Boost 1_58 instead of 1_60

Hi all, the notification about the v0.9.1 and move to v0.9.2 on master prompted me to update and rebuild Cinder on one of my development machines.

The update and rebuild went fine, but when I moved to clean and build an old, existing Visual Studio 2013 project on that machine, I get fatal linker errors looking for ‘libboost_filesystem-vc120-mt-s-1_58.lib’.

When I check the Boost version.hpp, I see the updated boost version is set to 1_60, but Visual Studio still wants to link to 1_58.

Anyone know the fix for this? I’m not savvy enough to guess if this is a quirk of Visual Studio linking, or requires me to do some deeper diving into project files… Thanks in advance!

Did you perhaps not update the boost submodule when you updated the Cinder repo?

Thanks, Andrew-- I’m still not quite sure what was going on, or why the old project continued to insist on Boost 1.58! *

In the end, rather than migrate the old project, I just made a new project with Tinderbox and migrated (read: copied) over my old code.

This seems to be working perfectly fine, even using my own custom Cinderblock and project templates which haven’t been updated in nearly a year. (Though I plan to give those old templates a once-over now anyway.)

*For the record, I was updating from a May 2016 version of Cinder, meaning I was 1524 commits behind master. Probably a good idea to give any legacy projects a fresh foundation with Tinderbox anyway, I’m guessing…