Filesystem::copy_file linker error in Xcode 8


There is a linker error undefined symbols for architecture x86_64 when using copy_file in cinder 0.9.1.
I think the boost lib filesystem need to be updated to the one with the fix. This is a recent issue for me, since i updated by macOS and Xcode.

Here is the relevant bug ticket.

Looks like this was a bug in v1.56, fixed in v1.57. Cinder is built against v1.58. Are you sure you’re using the correct boost version? As a reminder: after cloning Cinder’s github repository, don’t forget to update the submodules. That way you’ll have the correct version of boost as well.

Ah ok, just checked cinder github and my boost is still on 1.53 for some reason. Will remember to update sub-modules. Thanks.