Using Boost ASIO to create a TCP Client

Hi All,
I have to read data coming from a tcp server that streams EEG sensors data on a json format wich contains a matrix of 8x4 sensors. I just want to ask how to start such a reader on Cinder. I don’t have experience with tcp ports and communication, all life using udp. Is there any example?
The simulator of the EEG data is here (windows)

I run the server.exe which connect to the port 5000. With the command {“COMMAND”:“start”} it starts streaming.
Thanks for the advise

Hi David,

Have you tried the TcpClient example in Cinder-Asio?


Yes, but I don’t really have experience with tcp/ip, the client example runs if the server of the EEG app is not running, both have to be on port 5000, but this is making the example to crash.

Can you explain the bit about “both have to be on port 5000” ? Why should the client care about the local port?