Video play back on Windows


I want to play back video with Cider on Windows. QuickTime playback as in the sample supports only macOS, how can we achieve simple playback video on Windows in general? I’m using VS2019 with Cinder 0.9.3.

Thank you for your help.

I wrote this block for GPU accelerated video playback on windows, it’s running on a lot of software in the wild and has been pretty reliable for me so far.


Great lithium! MP4 runs well!! Which codecs are supported? H264 runs well but other codecs like Apple ProRes don’t. Thank you for your work!

I haven’t exhaustively tested what works as i mainly deal with H.264, but it’s backed by Mediå Foundation, so theoretically these are the natively supported codecs. Microsoft provides a few extra ones that you can get from the windows store as well, and it can be extended via custom MFTs if you really want to get your hands dirty.

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Thank you for your prompt answer, lithium :pray: