2D GPU Fluid Sim



I just open sourced my GPU fluid sim on github here if anyone is interested.

It is based entirely on @chaoticbob’s CPU version in the CinderFX block so credit to him but I hope the code and shaders might help someone else interested in learning how they work. You can see it in action here.


Hey Felix,

Nicely coded! I’ll give it a try next days.

I made a similar one few years ago (https://github.com/DashAndSlash/Fluido)
With the intent to make it in 3D…well that didn’t happen yet :sweat_smile:
But I still would like to do it at some point…

Anyway, Well done!


Are there any open source 3D fluid sims out there for GL?

(Also - looks really nice Felix!)


Somewhere in david li’s WebGL repos theres probably a couple (or at least multi layered 2D ones):



Very nice. just lost half an hour.