App builds in VS2013 but not running

I am a newbie to Cinder. I could build the sample app but when I try to run it says “unhamdled exception”.
Any idea what would have gone wrong?

Hi, welcome to Cinder!

Please post the full error message, that way we can better help you. And can you explain which sample you’re trying and what you did to build it?

Thank you for the response.

I am attaching the screenshots of the build and execution… you could see that the build succeeded but execution failed.

I have tried running the BasicApp,


good idea to post screenshots. I notice that you run the application by clicking the executable. It’s better to run it from within Visual Studio, by clicking the green arrow at the top. That way, Visual Studio is able to monitor the running application and you get more information.

Based on the screenshots, it’s still a wild guess as there isn’t much information to go by, but I think your problem has to do with OpenGL not initializing properly. Make sure to install (and update) your graphics drivers. If the drivers are too old, or missing, Cinder can’t create the OpenGL context on startup and the application will crash.

If your drivers are up to date, but you’re still crashing, it may be that your GPU does not support OpenGL 3.x or higher. In that case, try using Cinder v0.8.6, which is the last version to support legacy hardware.


Hi Paul,

Thank you for the fast response. Your intuition should be right. Shall
check this.

Meanwhile I have built cinder in my ubuntu16.04 machine. I could run a
sample as well. How to start development in ubuntu, to be specific, can I
use the folder structure in the samples folder elsewhere and use the same
cmake file?

For example, /home/cinderapps/myproj/proj/cmake/cmakelists.txt

How do I mention the cinder path since now I am no longer in the cinder

Warm regards,

Kesava Prasad T D

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Hi Kesava,

I have no experience with Ubuntu myself. Hopefully someone else here on the forums can help you.


Thank you Paul for your reply.

I have installed in ubuntu and was able to compile and run using qt creator. Obviously I need to try doing this for my own apps :slight_smile:


Hi there,

You can see how the ci_make_app() cmake function is used outside of the repo in this setup, or any other cinderblock that has added cmake support.


Thank you Richard for your reply. BTW what parameters should I change in my cmakeLists.txt while adding a block?
I added a line in ci_make_app as below:

BLOCKS ${CINDER_PATH}/blocks/Cinder-ImGui/lib/imgui

This doesn’t work.

Any clue where am I going wrong?

I don’t see cmake files in the Cinder-ImGui block’s repo, but I do see a pull request open that adds it. Once that is added, it should be something like:

BLOCKS ${CINDER_PATH}/blocks/Cinder-ImGui

For instructions on how to add cmake support to a cinder block, see the docs here.