Problem with running cinder examples

I build cinder for VS 2015 CE and I am not able run examples because I got errors. If I run Local debugger it throw me this breakpoint on line 216 in RendererGl.cpp

if( ! mImpl->initialize( wnd, dc, sharedRenderer ) )
throw ExcRendererAllocation( “RendererImplGlMsw initialization failed.” ); // line 216

I got answer in previous forum:
it looks like I have graphic problems - no support for OpenGL 3.1. But what I know and discover is:

  1. I have i5 with HD3000, I discover it have support for OpenGL 2 and on some forum 3.1
  2. I have latest drivers for my laptop installed. Another is I can run any games, like Wreckfest - it is not released game, but I can run it but FPS is very low. But I can not run any simple example from CInder because OpenGL 3 no support?
  3. I have AMD graphics, but for some reason I am not able to install drivers, then I am live with only Intel Graphic. It is long sotry and not on topic and dont have time to solving this problem (I lost lot of time to try solve this problem).

Please, be patient I am new with this, maybe I need some OpenGL drivers / SDK or I dont how to call it? Because games can run, but I am not understand why simple Cinder examples not (if it is graphic problem).

Cinder 0.9.0 uses OpenGL 3.3 as far as I know. I can find some references stating that 3.3 is supported by the latest drivers for that hardware but Intel’s official list has it only supporting 3.1.

You can try using an earlier build of Cinder (0.8.x) and running those samples to see if they work.

You can find older versions of Cinder here. Note that these are self-contained ZIP files and contain everything you need, including the boost libraries. Cinder v0.8.6 supports OpenGL 2.0 and older and should work in your situation.

Don’t feel ashamed asking questions, this forum is pretty mature and we’ re always willing to help.


Thanks for tip, but If I am on older version, when I will be watching documentation for version 0.9, it will be ok?

I have different problems with 0.8.6 version. I build Cinder without problems (for VS2015) but if I build some example, it give me lots of errors.
There is some example of errors:

1>libboost_filesystem-vc120-mt-sgd-1_55.lib(path.obj) : error LNK2038: mismatch detected for ‘_MSC_VER’: value ‘1800’ doesn’t match value ‘1900’ in AudioDrawUtils.obj
1>libboost_filesystem-vc120-mt-sgd-1_55.lib(operations.obj) : error LNK2038: mismatch detected for ‘_MSC_VER’: value ‘1800’ doesn’t match value ‘1900’ in AudioDrawUtils.obj

There are completly about 56 errors. I was want show more, but forum mechanics warned me I can mention only two … (I forget what) and I was not able post message. When I deleted lots of them, I was able to post message.

Sorry to hear you run into so many problems, but I guess that’s the price of progress. Cinder v0.8.6 is not (out-of-the-box) compatible with Visual Studio 2015. For a smoother experience, you might want to use Visual Studio 2013 Community.

At the very least, if you do plan to use Visual Studio 2015: install Visual Studio 2013 as well, so that you have support for toolset v120. Then, when opening Cinder or one of the samples, do NOT upgrade the project to VS2015.

I find solution.

In the old forum I found this:

Replace any RendererGl with RendererGl( RendererGl::Options().version(3, 1) )
CINDER_APP ( YourApp, RendererGl( RendererGl::Options().version(3, 1) ) )

It help me and I can use Cinder 0.9 with vs2015 and openGl v3.1. I can not run some openGL examples because I got cprogram crash, but I am not interest in 3D graphics with complex and modern shaders.

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