Audio reactive visuals with trails and gpu curl noise

Hi All,

I just finished an animation I did to test some new features.

You can watch the video on youtube

The code is dirty and not optimized, I was just experimenting new stuffs in modern Opengl like gpu curl noise and trails, if some off you are interested I can clean it a little bit and upload it on Github.


Cool! It’s nice to see what people are creating with Cinder. :sunglasses: :+1:

Nice work! How’d you do the audio reactive part?

hey @Dan if you could share the code it will be awesome to learn

Thanks. I did the audio beat analyzer myself. I will share the source next week.

Hi Cyrstem, ok I will erase all useless peaces of code and upload it next week but It will still be messy…
From now I will share all my sources, next ones should be better for learning something.

Audio reactive beat detection code is on Githug. Opened a new topic for it.

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Dan - Looks really cool. Congrats on the work! I’d love to implement something like this myself for my own hobby project - PlanMixPlay at some point.

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Hi @Gazoo, thanks. You can do it with the the audio-analyzer code it is not complicated to use and it extracts 4 beats and their energy