Belas Artes Drive-in movie Theather

At Colletivo, Alexandre Barchiega and I worked on a very exciting project.
Grupo Vegas was opening a new kind of cinema in São Paulo, the central concept was to build an environment for not only watching movies, but also to relax with good food. The whole aesthetics of it revolves around 70’s drive-in American movie theaters with custom made leather seats, a (very) nice kitchen and walls decorated with 74 original car headlights.

Our job was to build the physical support, electric and software system to animate all those lights and make them accessible from the kitchen ( where the cook would trigger one scene or another ). For the hardware we ended up using some DMX boards from Lumikit to drive the 12v automotive lamps.

Some Testing:

At the software side of things, I wrote an app with a series of configurable scenes using ImGui and Cinder. You could select each individual lamp to fine tune the whole experience. After making the necessary adjustments, the settings were exported and sent to a raspberry pi running the same application with some extra code to manage the hardware input button changing scene, turning on/off, etc…

At the back of the picture, there is a white acrilic board with six buttons, a pi and a cinder app running :grinning::

Henrique Périgo


Thanks for the write-up! Really smart to use a Raspberri Pi to control the hardware. One day I want to use DMX in a project of my own :slight_smile:

Congrats! Thanks for sharing.

Did you need a DMX shield for the Raspberry Pi or can you connect it to the Lumikit board directly?

@paul.houx thanks! yeah, DMX gear is really fun =D

@gabor_papp We are using an Enttect device in the pi usb. In the end I could have used a cheaper device, for some reason I can´t remenber I had to use some FTDI driver functions to make it work.