Cinder-Csound block

I’ve finally successfully built a csound api wrapper block for cinder in OSX
I recycled code from the ofxCsound addon.
You can get the csound cinderblock here:

install csound
Use the tinderbox csound template
drag the csound framework and csound dylib into xcode and it should work.

I’d like to get the linking working from the cinderblock.xml properly and I could use some help with the msw cinderblock.xml too. Not sure hot to use csound’s .dll/.lib windows equivalent. Any help would be great. Cheers.

Definitely off to a good start, but you’re leaking CPPSound objects. You should look into using std::unique_ptr<> rather than using raw new and delete. Also it’s generally a bad idea to have using namespace std in a header file. It pollutes the global namespace and can wreak havoc between certain libraries.

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Awesome! Thanks for finding those. It’s okay to use shared_ptr right?
I still can’t figure out how to load the libraries properly in osx and msw using the cinderblock.xml…