Unresolved external symbol problem

Hello I am newbie in cinder so I was try to show draw image from leapmotion by using cinder
but when I run it show an error likethis . So how can I solve it I was stuck 2 day haha


It seems you have not linked to cinder.lib. Did you create your project with Tinderbox?

so I create a new project by using a Tinderbox and It show this problem

Did you download the precompiled cinder from the website or check it out from github? If the latter, you’ll need to build cinder first. Open the solution proj/vc2013/cinder.sln and build. Make sure you’re compiling against the same platform toolset, architecture and configuration that your project will be using. e.g v140, x64, Debug. This will generate the cinder.lib files in the correct locations for your project to link against them.

It work thankyou but I have a little some problem about winmain problem

when I try to delete CINDER_APP( CinderProjectApp, RendererGl )
and create a main function c++ into this so it show a winmain problem
but I create a project both win32 and x64

the CINDER_APP macro creates the main entrypoint for you. Is there any particular reason you need to write a custom main? You can do any initialization you need in your app’s overridden ::setup() method, or if you need code to run prior to instantiating your app, you can pass a function to CINDER_APP like so:

void YourInit ( App::Settings * settings )
    // pre-initialization here

CINDER_APP( YourApp, RendererGl, YourInit )