Cinder-Spout 32/64 bit versions


For your information, the Cinder-Spout master branch is now the 64bit version.
For the 32bit version, it’s in its own 32bit branch.



thank you for update. I’m trying to move my code from Xcode to Windows Visual Studio and have an issue with Spout. When I define

SpoutOut sPoutOut;

and run debug, I instantly get the error:

C:\Cinder\include\cinder/app/msw/AppMsw.h(106) attempting to reference a deleted function


Windows 10

Hi @Punk_IPA,

Have you tryed running Tinderbox to create a new project with Spout: Basic template?

Or use the samples: Sender or Receiver?

No, I didn’t use the template. And finally I made it to work. I’m no very experienced in C++, but if I initialize the Spout in public this way:

SpoutOut sOut = SpoutOut(“From Spout”, getWindowSize());

I don’t know why, but everything works!
Usually I define variable in public and then initialize it in setup() function.

I had a quick look into the library -
it looks there is no constructor for SpoutOut takes 0 argument, that is why you have to initialise it in the constructor function of your App class / or directly in the declaration phase.

Since cinder’s default template doesn’t expose the constructor function of the App class, you will usually have to do this manually.