How can I intergrate Imgui with docking into cinder?

I am having a task to build Cinder from source.

I have to use Imgui docking in the project.
I did compile the project at first by

  1. going into folder Cinder/proj/vc2019/
  2. I start the cinder.sln with visual studio 2019
  3. Build > Build Solution
  4. I did it for Debug and Release

Than I did go into
Changed and was able to get imgui window.

But I have to use docker version so…
I replaced

With file at

but they seem incompatible.
I tired to resolve the issue by commenting parts of the code, and even was able to build the thing, but example stoped working.

How would you doing this things on windows, using visual studio 2019?

Thanks for any ideas or help. In which direction to.

Check out the github discussion on the imgui docking branch:

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