Cinder-Skinning : FacialMorphTargets example rendering but not morphing

First i would like to thank num3ric for creating the very nice Cinder Skinning block.

i managed to compile the code with only one minor change (changing from boost to std::experimental::filesystem::exists ).
i also managed to compile the very promising FacialMorphTargets example and could still download the “Jane” asset from .

The head gets nicely displayed, but the morphing does not work.
I enabled the console and get the following warning:

|warning| cinder::gl::VboMesh::buildVao[477] Batch GlslProg expected an Attrib of USER_DEFINED, with name vPositionDiff2 but vertex data doesn’t provide it.

maybe thats the reason the mesh doesnt morph ?
i tried some debugging, but unfortunately i cannot make sense of the warning.

could maybe someone help out ? i would really love to get the face-morphing to work.

thanks alot in advance !

p.s. some information:
running under windows 8.1 , using visual studio 2015 update 3
using a very recent Cinder 0.9.1dev

Try changing the ABatchSection construction initializer in AMeshSection.h from

mBatch( ci::gl::Batch::create( ci::gl::VboMesh::create( *source ), shader, mapping ) )


mBatch( ci::gl::Batch::create( *source, shader, mapping ) )

gabor, thank you VERY MUCH ! this did the trick - it now works fine !
cheers !

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