Using Cinder and Visual Studio 2015

I’m on the master branch of Cinder (cloned yesterday), and using Visual Studio 2015. I compiled Cinder using v140 but when I run a new TinderBox project I’m getting a few dozen unresolved external symbol issues from my App.obj file. Here’s some of stack trace:

RSGApp.obj : error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol “public: __cdecl cinder::app::AppMsw::AppMsw(void)” (??0AppMsw@app@cinder

I can’t add anymore of the stack trace because it contains a lot of ‘@’ and the Cinder forums think I am mentioning more than 2 users.

Do samples work for you? VS 2015 / v140 is the officially / default supported toolset on Windows. You should be able to do a fresh clone, build cinder and then build a sample or tinderbox created app. One to check might be that you’re building for the sample Configuration and Platform for everything.

I foolishly built the cinder.lib libraries using vc2015_winrt instead of vc2015, doing a fresh clone and rebuilding from vc2015 fixed all the issues!