Collaboration between visual studio / xcode

Has anyone got any patterns for collaborating when some users are on xcode and some are on visual studio? I am trying to get some friends on a collaborative project, but some are mac user and some are windows users. I am anticipating this could be a bit painful, so wondering if anyone has done this and has any pointers?

You can try looking into the CMake build of Cinder, which works on both platforms.

When you create a project with TinderBox, you can ask it to make you both xcode and VS projects. It’s a slight inconvenience when someone checks in a new file, as it has to be added to both dev environments, but otherwise I’ve worked this way and it’s pretty seamless. Just make sure to #ifdef any platform specific code. You could even try to write a little python script or something that compares the .xcodeproj and .sln files and keeps them both up to date with one another.

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