Documentation question

Hi, I’m evaluating new technologies to implement a new app using c++ and opengl. Cinder seems to be very active in its development but something that strikes me is the lack of documentation… In the guides section there are 2 “out of date” tutorials (and the link to the second one is broken…), and in the method references I can’t find one with a description so I kinda have to guess what the parameters represent or how it works. Is there some other place where I can find more documentation?


Cinder doesn’t have comparable documentation as let’s say… Openframeworks. I’d suggest reading through all of the examples in the samples folder for a broad spectrum of content. There are also a bunch of good Blocks(libraries) for a good read as well. I’ve noticed since cinder’s last major upgrade it works a lot closer with opengl so it would be very beneficial to brush up on shaders and glsl practices too. Just my two cents… also, the forums, both old and new are helpful indeed. Right clicking code for definitions and classes is addicting as hell.