Failed to allocate GL context



I have the created a iOS project using TinderBox on mac. Building and running my project on my iPad mini causes a “Failed to allocate GL context” exception.

Any one know why this is happening? Because of old hardware? Metal renderer problem?

Am at a lost as why i am suddenly having this problem, i usually have no problem running cinser iOS projects.


Same thing happening here. XCode 8.2.1, iPad 3rd Generation, Cinder 0.9.1 (github tag checkout), TinderBox Basic OpenGL template.


For me at least it’s due to a lack of OpenGL ES 3 support on the hardware. ES 3 is now the default in Cinder.

By default, Cinder on iOS targets OpenGL ES 3. In order to use OpenGL ES 2, you must add the CINDER_GL_ES_2 preprocessor definition to the Preprocessor Macros build setting of both your app and Cinder, and you must rebuild Cinder.

You can check whether your device supports opengles-3 on Apple’s iOS Device Compatibility Reference.