Failed to allocate GL context


I have the created a iOS project using TinderBox on mac. Building and running my project on my iPad mini causes a “Failed to allocate GL context” exception.

Any one know why this is happening? Because of old hardware? Metal renderer problem?

Am at a lost as why i am suddenly having this problem, i usually have no problem running cinser iOS projects.

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Same thing happening here. XCode 8.2.1, iPad 3rd Generation, Cinder 0.9.1 (github tag checkout), TinderBox Basic OpenGL template.

For me at least it’s due to a lack of OpenGL ES 3 support on the hardware. ES 3 is now the default in Cinder.

By default, Cinder on iOS targets OpenGL ES 3. In order to use OpenGL ES 2, you must add the CINDER_GL_ES_2 preprocessor definition to the Preprocessor Macros build setting of both your app and Cinder, and you must rebuild Cinder.

You can check whether your device supports opengles-3 on Apple’s iOS Device Compatibility Reference.

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