ImGui multi-windows with Cinder

I am trying to have floating window outside of my main window in cinder while using imgui using the Viewport config Flag. If I run a default non cinder app from the imgui sample, I can get one floating window outside of the main window.

If I add the same Demo Window to one of the samples from cinder which includes imgui (like tubular), I don’t get the same result, even with the same imgui version (imgui v1.88 WIP docking branch).

I tried to start from an example ImGui example, adding this in the setup function:

io.ConfigFlags |= ImGuiConfigFlags_DockingEnable;           // Enable Docking
io.ConfigFlags |= ImGuiConfigFlags_ViewportsEnable;         // Enable Multi-Viewport / Platform Windows

And in the update function, at the end:


But I am always getting the same error message:

Anybody has found a solution for that?
Thanks for the help

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