New Cinder-ARKit Cinder Block

Some of you have probably seen this from the other ARKit thread but thought I would share it here more officially.

I have written a simple ARKit cinder block to create augmented reality apps on iOS with Cinder.

I’d welcome any feedback or feature requests anyone using it will have. Its really fun so hopefully some of you can get some use out of it.




Hey Felix, thanks for this! I sketched out a bit of an alternative/thinner approach to ARKit partly based on your code here:

Added face tracking and a direct GPU video to gl::texture conversion, which is what I needed primarily. I am missing the surface option here however, which could still be useful. There’s definitely value in cpp-wrapping and storing all the ARKit type in a custom delegate, but I’m not the one to do all that work haha!

Feel free to use/copy over some of this code back in your block.



Awesome. Thanks for this, i’ve dropped the ball a bit on this recently due to other projects but looking forward to getting back into it at some point. This will no doubt be very useful. If any of the projects you make with cinder and ARKit are public i’d love to see them (regardless of using my block or not)!


Thanks Felix, it works nicely.
Since I mostly develop on Windows (Visual Studio is so good), I added a feature to simulate ARKit on non-iOS platforms.

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