Issues compiling with Visual Studio 2015

Hey everyone,

I’m trying to build an app in Visual Studio 2015 (upgrading a project from VS2013). I see a lot of errors about missing class definitions, identifiers and namespaces (but I can still navigate to the definitions in the files through the editor).

I’m not sure how useful those error messages are to this thread because the issues seem to be less about the code and more about VS2015 and the platform toolset in use? My include directories are configured correctly. Compiling the same project in VS2013 works. In fact, if I change the Platform Toolset to Visual Studio 2013 (v120) within VS2015, the project compiles successfully as well.

Has anyone encountered issues porting a project over from VS2013 to VS2015? Any help much appreciated.

Did you download the prebuilt-package from the download page?
This sounds very much likely that Cinder has only been built for v120 toolsets, but haven’t been for v140 toolset.
You should open the vs sln under the vc2013/vcproj folder and build the binaries for 2015 first.

Hi seph. I cloned this from the Cinder git repository. I have built cinder with v140, and that went just fine - cinder.lib has been built for debug and release with v140.

I should also clarify that the errors happen in the compilation stage, before linking. And most, if not all, of these missing namespaces and identifiers come from blocks and other header files in the application, not Cinder itself. VS2015 does not complain about these includes during compilation if I simply change the platform toolset in the project properties - the errors happen only if v140 is selected. Really strange!

hmm, then maybe posting some of your .h files and blocks you are using will help…
I did notice that there are macro definitions changes between v120 and v140, like NO_MINMAX or some other numeric range related stuff. But not sure if its related to your problem.

We’ve got working v140 support in the dev_0.9.2 branch so if you’re willing to live on the bleeding edge, you can give that branch a go. Note that v120 support has been removed there. Once 0.9.1 is released, and we’ve thoroughly tested, we’re planning to merge this into the master branch.