Building Cinder on Visual Studio 2015

Hey all,

I got a new Windows PC and I’m trying to get everything set up by cloning from git.
Everything is pulled, but I’m having a bit of trouble opening up the project files so I can build Cinder.

I tried opening up the .sln file in vc2015_winrt, but in the solution explorer, it just shows cinder(unavailable) and I can’t see any of the source files. I also tried opening up the .vcxproj file as well but had the same result. If it helps at all, it does look like something happened as I see something generated some extra folders inside of vc2015_winrt

Is there a step I might have missed? Any help is appreciated, It’s been ages since I’ve used Windows :stuck_out_tongue:

you should try to open the solution in the vc2013 folder with visual studio 2015

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@brucelane thanks for the suggestion - unfortunately that didn’t quite work, fortunately, I figured out what I believe might be the issue, that being a lack of some of the extra sdks and tools that I somehow neglected to install the first time around. (12 gb of things :disappointed_relieved: ??)

I think I’m good now, just gotta wait till it finishes to see.

The Windows SDK 8.1 missing?
I got the same on a brand new setup of Windows 10 and VS2015 only.

I didn’t have to install the 8.1 SDK but I got forced to install some tools relating to it for some reason. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

I think fresh install of visual studios no longer comes with c++ tools(c# only), so it might be those.

yea I think that was it, I seem to remember seeing C# somewhere in the list of things it was gonna install.