OSC block causes Call to explicitly deleted default constructor compiler error

I am in tech and quickly trying to add the new OSC block to my program.

Once I add (nothing more)

  • #include “Osc.h”

  • osc::ReceiverUdp mReceiver;

to my otherwise working iOS program, I immediately get

Call to explicitly deleted default constructor of ‘MyApp’ in AppCocoaTouch.h on this line:

  • AppCocoaTouch *app = static_cast<AppCocoaTouch *>( new AppT );

Has anybody seen this?

Quick help would be greatly appreciated.



There’s no default constructor, so you’ll either need to initialise it in your app’s constructor or heap allocate it.

YourApp::YourApp ( )
:  App()
,  mReceiver ( 2000 ) // port
{ }


// make mReceiver a std::unique_ptr<osc::ReceiverUdp>;
void YourApp::setup ( )
    mReceiver = std::make_unique<osc::ReceiverUdp>(2000); // c++14 for make_unique
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Yeah, there’s no default constructor. You can do what @lithium suggests, add a constructor to your cinder app, or use std::make_shared.

@ryanbartley @lithium Thanks guys.