Pixalated Font on retina display

On the left is the font using cinder, on the right is the same font on Illustrator.

Any ideas for what is going on? This only happens with retina displays =/

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Is it affected by AppBase::Settings::setHighDensityDisplayEnabled?

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Hi @balachandran_c, If I do that, everything get’s rendered off scale ( bigger ) on the retina display. On a non-retina everything is normal

Are you using toPixels? Related forum post from the old forum https://forum.libcinder.org/topic/rfc-retina-high-density-display-support.

I’m seeing some odd blurring behavior when trying to use the PretzelGui block: https://github.com/cwhitney/PretzelGui/issues/22

Here’s the TextureFontApp rendering Arial 12 with setHighDensityDisplayEnabled(false)

And with setHighDensityDisplayEnabled(true)