Preconfigured VM images for development / CI builds?

Hey guys. Having recently seen how time consuming it can be to set up the various tools for Android NDK builds, I was wondering if anyone has any strong opinions with regard to using preconfigured VMs for development environments?

It could potentially let new users get things up and running more quickly, let people diagnose integration problems, etc - having a standard build config is really helpful for running tests on a CI server too.

I’d be happy to do the legwork on this if someone more knowledgeable can give me the broad headline requirements.

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Hi there,

I think if you know how to do this and could even write about it or provide some resources as to the process, it would benefit the community. As far as libcinder hosting any official preconfigured image, it seems a bit maintenance heavy for those who aren’t in the specific platform all the time.

Concerning Android, I think the way forward for improving build support will be community driven, so discussions here as well as just trying things and posting / publishing about it helps immensely. Things tend to get adopting into core cinder once they’ve been proven in other situations and the need / benefit becomes clear.


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I’ve been playing around with using different linux vm images for dev environments, as it makes it easy to set up a portable development environment on different machines. Once the virtualized host is set up it can be cloned and moved around, reused in different places and it can save quite a bit of time just with setups and so on. Not sure about the licensing implications though.

Distribution wise, I’m liking kubuntu at the moment, because it has good graphics driver support. I will look into writing a tutorial or something about it, virtualization is really interesting and if used smartly can save a lot of time. And let’s face it, time is the only thing you can’t buy back.

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